Sunday, April 18, 2010

Costuming: Adding Untraditional Elements

Many times for high fashion or more artistic photo projects, models and photographers are unsure how to achieve the look they envision in their mind's eye.  Without an experienced MUA (make-up artist), the photographer often has to think creatively.

Several years ago I wanted to work on a mosaic theme, but was not sure how to go about this.  Simply put, I wanted to glue mosaic pieces or tiles to a model's face to represent the concept of the masks we weave in daily life and the complications of them.  Also I wanted to do it because I thought it would just look awesome.  For three years I attempted to get models to do this, but because I didn't have an outlined way of doing this, they were hesitant- understandably.  Here I was, a novice photographer, asking novice models to glue shards of glass and plastic to their faces.  I'd decline that thoughtful offer, as well!

Eventually I decided to do the shoot by myself with myself as the model.  I did much research and decided to follow several links to Halloween stores.  It was here that I found the gym called "Spirit Glue".  Spirit glue comes in a variety of brands, though I used Cinema Secrets (pictured first, below).  I purchased the remover as well, but found that the pieces of plastic used (I was too chicken to start out with real mosaic pieces) peeled off easily without the remover.  I simply used the remover after I was done pulling the pieces off to clean up.

If you have any projects in mind that may require, well, gluing stuff to your model's face or other body parts, spirit gum is the way to go.  Do a little research on the brands to see how much they can hold.  Cinema Secrets did well for simple mosaic pieces.

See the results of the Mosaic shoot here!

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